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Bring the music of Lori King and Junction 63 into your home with digital downloads and CDs of our award-winning albums.


New Single Out!

Where Dear Friends Will Never Part

Available February 23 on all streaming platforms!


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Straight From the Heartland EP

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  1. Mercy of A Train
  2. It’s Been Raining Since You’ve Gone
  3. Watching the Corn Grow
  4. Come Unto Me
  5. Between Me & Jolene
  6. Where Dear Friends Never Part

Available on all streaming platforms!


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Walkin’ the Blues

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  1. My Heart Wont Let me Forget You
  2. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  3. Bluegrass Singin’ Man
  4. Raining in Virginia
  5. All is Well With My Soul
  6. All in My Love For You
  7. Gonna Be Movin’
  8. Maricopa Breakdown
  9. My Bread is Buttered in Bluegrass
  10. South of His Memory
  11. Now There’s You

Family Tree

2018 SPBGMA Midwest
2017 BMAI Best Album of the Year

  1. Family Tree
  2. Keep the Faith
  3. Living in the Past in My Mind
  4. I Want to go Back Home Again
  5. My Favorite Memory
  6. Highway 40 Blues
  7. The One That is to Blame
  8. Timber Im Falling In Love
  9. Gospel According to Luke
  10. Let Me Tell You About Jesus
  11. Your Race is Run
  12. This Old Guitar
  13. The Ballad of Sally Ann
  14. 90 Days in Nashville

Grandpa’s Old Guitar

2015 SPBGMA Midwest Album of the Year

Released on March 28, 2015, this CD features 10 original songs written by Joe and Lori King and Kevin Amburgey and 2 cover songs. Special guests include Joe Dean, Glen Harrell, and Chuck Millar.

  1. Ive Been Known to Lie
    Written by: Lori King & Trish Gray
  2. Foolish Heart
    Cover song written by: John Pennell
  3. Send My Baby Home
    Written by: Joe King
  4. Remember Me
    Written by: Kevin Amburgey
  5. Long Road to Love
    Written by: Joe & Lori King
  6. The Judgement
    Cover song written by: Lois Gail Sybolt
  7. What He Could Have Done
    Written by: Kevin Amburgey
  8. Grandpas Old Guitar
    Written by: Joe King
  9. Bread Is Buttered In Bluegrass
    Written by: Joe King
  10. How Can I Blame You
    Written by: Joe King
  11. Thinkin’ Bout You (Revisited)
    Written by: Joe & Lori King
  12. Just Like My Daddy
    Written by: Lori King & Trish Gray


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